Block Schedule

Power Point (a simplified version….no animation) from the ) October 25th PD. Download

Block Strategy handout from the Staff PD on Ocotber 25th. Download

Manipulatives for planning the block.  Allows you to visually break down your day into 5 – 4 5 minute chunks. Used on the  25th PD.  Download

Student Perspective on the Block – compiled by students in Mr. Anderson’s class.  Used on the October 25th PD.  Download

Block Strategies: Concise reminder about the ways to vary instruction on the block.  View

Choreographing the Block:  identifies key elements of teaching on the block.  View

Effective Teaching in a Block Schedule.doc: A quick, one-pager that breaks a block lesson down into its parts (uses a gradual-release-of-responsibility model).
View Download

Lesson Planning Time Manipulatives.doc: If you are a visual planner, you might want to use these time templates to help you schedule a variety of activities for the block period.
View Download

Planning for the Block: This link includes some worthwhile templates to help you plan out 90-minute lessons. Lots of examples are included.

Teaching in the Block.pptx: Here is a very useful PowerPoint for teaching on the block period
View Download

Varying Instruction for the Block.pdf: Probably most relevant to Language Arts and maybe Social Studies teachers, this article from NCTE identifies some ways — and reasons — to vary instruction for the block period.
View Download

 Ch.1 of “Thinking Inside the Block Schedule”. Teaching Adolescent Learner.pdf
View Download

  Ch.5 of “Thinking Inside the Block Schedule”.  LessonPlanning.ThinkingInBlock.pdf
View Download

  Plan.Entice.Enlighten.Engage.pdf: Strategies and Activities to use during the steps of the block schedule lesson specific lessons for math, social studies, fine arts, world language, and science.
View Download


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