Problem Solving using Multi-Media


Combinations & Permutations: try the worlds largest menu   how many ways can you build a burger, how long to try each one?

Compounding: are the prices at in-n-out burger the same as in 1948: some images to figure it out

Exponential Equations: Domino Skyscraper – you must watch this video that in itself is enough to make for an interesting class

Proportions/Unit Conversions: using a clip of Denzel Washington reciting the bible in the movie: The Story of Eli

Unit Conversion:Can you hold a billion nickels (based on a clip from parks and rec)

Rate & volume: How many gallons of water will fit in the worlds largest coffee cup

Proportions & Measurement: How tall is Yertle the Turtle

Long Division in”The Amazing Race”: The videos and explanation

Volume – high end – Pyramid of Pennies:

Can you hold a billion nickels (based on a clip from parks and rec)

exponential growth: passing a cold through handshakes – fun little video to get the problem started

Coins: an image how many of each type of coin makes $256.77?

Link to dozens of amazing inquiry based problem from real life – one of my favorite the number of pushups bucky (Wisconsin) the badger did when playing against Indiana – news footage included – just download the zip files from Dan Meyer’s Site

Link to Photos that lend themselves to great math problems: Problem Pictutes

Adding Logarithms: a bit slow but makes the whole process crystal clear

Interactive – amazing number of activities & applets

Power of Ten: a very common but interesting and useful video to remind students of what those negative exponents really mean.  It is also useful for foundation math students to better understand large and small numbers.

Exponential Growth Applet (can also see example of logistic growth): Fish Population

Math War: flash cards for multiplying integers (word document)


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