Resources for Alg3/4 chapter 6 and 7


Unit Organizer: unit-organizer-for-chapter-7

Opener: guided 3d drawing: linear-perspective-drawings

basic log review on clicker

Logarithm Worksheet to use with clickers


unit-organizer-for-chapter-6 (power point document)

Lesson Plans for the Unit:chapter 6 lesson plans (word document)

Worksheet for chapter (linked to lesson plan)

Intro Power Point:launching_-fish-explosion(rather basic but higher content could be swapped in)

Opener: can review exponential and discuss alternate ways to solve this problem (working backwards with logarithms): The Set up and  historic building diagram, the full video (first time you show it STOP IT AFTER 1 Minute!!!!!)

Function Machine: put number in and drops a new one out, shows results in a table.  Might be a good simple warm up activity for first guessing an equation then talking about going the opposite direction and deriving the inverse.

Kahn Academy Explains Inverse Functions: not exactly riveting, but a clear overview of the concept – could be a good way to start the class the second day on the topic (stop at 5:30 minute mark before the graphing).

great set of worksheets for guiding students through the log laws.

Log war (based on the card game)

Introducing logs: Using a slight inquiry based technique where they figure out what makes a logarithm.

Turning a sphere inside out: an image attempting to get at the idea of inverse

Sample unit organizer and course map: Algebra course map sample (power point)


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